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Massive weather patterns – Tornadoes in Nebraska and mudslides in Minnesota

Massive weather can take place at any time
Massive weather can take place at any time
Image courtesy Danilo Rizzuti

There has been a constant activity of massive weather patterns taking place in the Midwest for more than over two weeks and it seems to get worse. On June 16, 2014 Pilgar, Nebraska experienced a massive weather pattern experience, twin tornados. The entire town was forced to evacuate the area for safety reasons. Even though this type weather can take place it does not happen as frequent. Reports do show this storm has damaged approximately 50 to 75% of the town because of the type storm. Including the damage there has been two persons killed and 19 persons hurt by the storm. There is still research being done to discover why this type weather takes place and how persons can be better prepared for safety when this chaotic activity does occur. Fortunately, the state of Nebraska did supply the all needed to the city of Pilgar and citizens all emergency needs and continues to do so.

Other areas that are being impacted for massive weather patterns as of now are Minnesota. As of today, they are experiencing mudslides due to severe heavy rains. Mudslides are causing trouble for many residents as well as business owners because this type of activity can impact foundations. When a mudslide takes place it will literally move whatever is within the path or in its way. In essence, if a foundation be sitting still suddenly be placed in a situation of a mudslide after some time of mud flow constantly running vastly against the building there is a high chance that foundation will become unstable.

Due to the mudslide activity questions do arise regarding insurance reasons. Of course none of these questions can be answered until after and an insurance agent can see the damage but these questions are still items that need to be known. Structure damage and how much coverage for repairs are all financial factors to ask insurance agents once they are able to review the damage. Thoughts and prayers to everyone dealing with massive weather patterns in hopes they have the ability to stay well and recover safely.