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Massive voter fraud won New Hampshire for the Democrats in 2012

Obama won New Hamsphire in 2012 with massive voter fraud
Obama won New Hamsphire in 2012 with massive voter fraud

After Republicans had swept most state offices and won both seats in Congress in 2010 in New Hampshire, the Democrats reversed this and did about the same in 2012. But how could a state, that was historically Republican-leaning and has become more competitive lately, go so heavily Democrat in 2012?

Former first district Congressman Frank Guinta, who is also a candidate for that Congressional seat in New Hampshire this year, appeared on the Howie Carr Show from WRKO in Boston, Mass. and told Carr how Democrats won in New Hampshire through massive voters fraud in the state in 2012.

“I 100 percent believe it was voter fraud,” Guinta told Howie Carr, in reference to the 100,000 voters who registered on Election Day and voted.

Those 100,000 voters were among a total of 710,972 voters who cast ballots in the 2012 general election in November. If 70 percent of those 100,000 were fraudulent voters who can't be verified, it would indicate that about ten percent of all votes cast in New Hampshire in 2012 were fraudulent. Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney in that election by a margin of 39,643 votes, or about 5.58 percent, of the 710,792 votes that were cast in the election. If Obama received at least 70,000 illegitimate votes, it is clear his margin of victory in New Hampshire was gained from voter fraud, and Mitt Romney would have won the state without the massive influx of same day registrants that voted.

“We had 100,000 same day registrants, which is legal in the state of New Hampshire,” Guinta said, “but when you start to dive down and look at some of the individuals who voted on election day, you can't find them now. It's a pretty good percentage of that 100,000 vote total” that can not be found now. Guita explained that the law requires those who registered and voted on election day to later verify their residence and voting status and the vast majority of those 100,000 can not be found.

Guinta said that in the city of Manchester, where he was mayor, that 20 percent of those who voted in the city registered and voted on Election Day in 2012. Guinta also noted that Vice President Joseph Biden's niece of who voters in Manchester, based on claiming to have stayed in the city for a few days including registering and voting on election day.

“That should be a national story that she's voting in the same place I do, she takes up residence for a few days...helping Joe (Biden) in the campaign,” Guinta said.

New Hampshire is not the only state that Obama appears to have won by voter fraud in 2012. In Virginia, where Romney lead the entire evening as the returns came in, including having a half percent lead with 99 percent of all precincts reporting (statistically assurance of winning), Obama won by 149,298 votes after approximately 200,000 Obama votes were counted among the last 0.1 percent of voting districts to be counted. In Florida, where all the major (inlcuding those skewed) polls just before the election showed Romney leading, Obama won the state by 74,309, or 0.88 percent. The heavily Democrat areas of the state took the longest to count (and count, and count again) their votes, indicating the likeliness of massive voter fraud in those areas. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, and several other key swing states are also the subject of voter fraud allegations against the Democrats and the Obama 2012 campaign as well.

It is quite likely that Barack Obama won the 2012 election on the basis of massive voters fraud, and as more evidence of it is revealed this becomes more clear. It should be noted that this column, in the final 2012 predictions of the election, noted that Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire have same day voter registration, which clearly enables massive voter fraud as it did in New Hampshire in 2012. All those off those, for mostly that reason since the polls showed them extremely close, were projected to Obama.

In that article, I had written, “Iowa, New Hampshire and Wisconsin are going to be some of the closest states in the entire election. They are all too close to call by the latest polling data. (Fox News Contributer) Kirsten Powers pointed out something interesting about these states on Fox News tonight, that they all allow same-day voter registration and that the Obama campaign has been very good at getting voters registered and voting in states that allow this. That point is well-taken and for that reason these states will very narrowly go for President Obama.”

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