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Massive says civilians are a 'very important' part of Tom Clancy's The Division

Ready for The Division
Ready for The Division
Permission to use photo given by Ubisoft

Tom Clancy's The Division has many, many intricate parts to it and most of them are things we don't quite know a ton about yet. That said, it's clear that the entire world of The Division will play a very important role in how players progress and experience New York City.

It seems that helping civilians may help bring up morale in a certain area of the city or something to that effect. In a Q&A interview found by, Massive spoke about how important civilians will be when players journey throughout New York City.

"Civilians are very important in the game, not only to make the world real and immersive, but also as a constant reminder about what and who you are fighting for. The civilians are trying to survive the crisis, scared about their future or attempting to locate lost loved ones who have gone missing in the chaos," Massive said.

We're still unsure about how exactly players will interact with civilians. It's possible we could receive missions from them, cure them of the virus that has devastated New York or other possibilities. With the day and night cycle seeming like it'll make a major difference in the world's behavior, we're assuming civilians will be much harder to track down once the sun goes down and the likelihood of danger presumably increases as well.

So far, we've heard about the faction called The Cleaners and they seem to be one of the more deadly groups that roam New York. It also sounds like there are more factions than just The Cleaners. Massive explained that New York City will have plenty of other groups that players will encounter.

"There are many factions players will face in The Division’s version of New York and we want to make them as authentic and believable as possible in this crisis scenario. Like you saw in the Microsoft demo, there will be areas controlled by local gangs or thugs that our agents need to deal with on their journey towards taking back NYC," Massive said.

We assume the difficulty of each gang will vary based on their skills and abilities. The same can obviously be said about player factions in the game. Massive Entertainment has still kept a good bit of information about Tom Clancy's The Division under their hats, so we're bound to get more answers from them soon. Tom Clancy's The Division will launch sometime next year.

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