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Massive says 'base of operations' is how players revive NYC in The Division

Excited about 'The Division'?
Excited about 'The Division'?
Permission to use photo given by Ubisoft

How The Division is ultimately going to work and come together is something that many, many people have been wondering. We know about Green Zones and how they will be a means to meet people, but what exactly will players use in order to "take back" New York City, outside of their weapons?

The Division will be implementing bases as a starting point for players and as a way for them to plan courses of action as they progress through the game. In an interview exclusively first published by, Massive talked about how players will bring back New York City from the dead in The Division.

"The base of operations is the most tangible way through which players can bring back New York from the brink of destruction. There are different base locations throughout the city. In the world, they used to be controlled by the government to provide emergency support for civilians, but have been abandoned or taken over by enemy factions.

"By reclaiming these locations, the player can increase the security level of the districts, creating a safe haven for the remaining civilians as well as a strategic position through which the player can start to bring back order," Massive said.

This feature in a way sounds like one we've seen in other Ubisoft games, but it's certainly not as obvious as something like a viewpoint or outpost, not that there is anything wrong with those. What building New York City back up means for your "base of operations" is unknown. Does that mean reconstructing buildings? We're not sure if it's just about clearing out enemies or what, but it should be an interesting feature to see in motion.

As we've seen in both demos of The Division, the ECHO feature looks to be quite an important feature when it comes to combat and strategy. Massive went on to detail what exactly ECHO is and the types of benefits it has for players.

"ECHO is the acronym for the Evidence Correlation Holographic Overlay. This ability collects data from the immediate environment around the agents such as surveillance cameras, cellphone camera footage, and audio pick-ups, to render moments frozen in time.

"It provides the agents with an autonomous source of information that allows them to investigate past events and look for clues relating to the origin of the pandemic. It will also have an impact on more general gameplay as it can reveal hidden loot and access to certain areas," Massive said.

Tom Clancy's The Division is setting up for a major launch sometime in 2015 and it could be just the second new-generation only title for Ubisoft. Assassin's Creed Unity is the other one that Ubisoft will have launched as recent news revealed The Crew would be launching on the Xbox 360.

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