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Massive reveals The Division will not have an exact year for when it takes place


When you look at a game like The Division you can't help but wonder when exactly this game is taking place, is it the near future, hundreds of years from now or some other time, and Massive has revealed we will continue to not know when The Division takes place.

Ready for The Division?

Recently, The Division Game Director Ryan Barnard talked about how in Massive's own way, they will embrace some of the pillars players typically expect from a RPG, as well as whether or not they will be revealing an exact time period for when The Division takes place.

"For us there are some pillars we really wanted to stay true to. Things that are core to Clancy are things like the unit itself. But then we want to inject new things because the Clancy purists I've met are excited about having RPG elements. You'll be doing stuff in a Clancy game that you've never done with a Clancy agent before.

"The trinity that you find in a lot of RPGs, we want that to be in the game as well. But we have a different challenge in that we're a range-based combat game, so it's not like [we have] 'Tank', 'Ranged' and 'Healer' in a typical RPG.

"Being Clancy there's cutting-edge technology players can play with - almost like our [take on] 'magic', if you will. But it's very important that's it's grounded. We're staying ambiguous on the year, which helps us a little bit. We want to push the boundaries of tech but not fall into fantasy.

"I believe if a skill works and is fun and fits the play style, players will like it and accept it. Obviously we're not going to have dragons flying around New York, blowing fire on people - that's going too far!" Barnard said.

Since we broke the news on a lot of aspects that will be in The Division back in December, Massive has stayed consistent with their wanting to maintain secrecy with a lot of elements that are in The Division. It's good to know some of what Massive has in mind for the game, but don't expect to hear a ton of major news about the game prior to launch.

It's quite contrary to how information is conveyed for a Ubisoft game, but Massive has a different vision in mind for The Division. What year a game takes place is often a fairly mute detail, yet people still yearn to know that piece of information. Ambiguity will be the umbrella that The Division's year sits under and that's the way Massive likes it.

We do not have a launch date for The Division yet, but developers on Massive's side maintain that the game is still slated to debut later this year. For all of our latest exclusives, previews, reviews and features, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Game On.

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