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Massive police response to protest in Ferguson, Missouri

Ferguson Protest
Ferguson Protest
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Massive tear gas attack against non-violent protesters Ferguson, Missouri this evening. Iraq veteran says it looks like occupying army in middle of town aiming weapons at un-armed civilians. Police fired tear gas at Al Jazeera camera crew stated local affiliate on M.S.N.B.C. Chris Hayes show Tear gas also fired along with rubber bullets into people's front yards and into peaceful group of demonstrators. M.S.N.B.C. reporter stated on Chris Hayes show police fired tear gas at Al Jazeera media satellite crew and truck when there were no other protesters around.

Reporters stated that police snipers placed around area of protest aiming rifles at civilian population as they non-violently protested and suffered their first amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution. Two reporters being arrested by Ferguson police on M.S.N.B.C. One reporter stated that officer slammed his head against wall while sitting in McDonald's. Stated that officer sarcastically responded "sorry" after having slammed his head against wall. Stated they apparently were angered at camera filming them. Reporter then stated that he asked the officers arresting him their names or badge numbers and that they refused. Reporter stated that a colleague from the L.A. Times called the Ferguson police chief and asked him if he knew that his officers were arresting reporters ? Short time afterward the two reporters were released from custody.

Commentator on ground where protest was taking place stated that this was a lesson in how not to handle a protest. He stated further that the community felt grotesquely dis-respected by the Ferguson, Missouri police force and that by going back on his word to identify the police officer who shot the young African American youth Michael Brown commentators stated that by observing the response of the Ferguson police force over the last several days and tonight it was clear that this law enforcement department had become militarized. In addition, another commentator asked the rhetorical question as to whether a symbolic crossing of the "Rubicon river" had ocurred tonight or whether a thin veneer of self denial had been finally torn away not just for Ferguson, Missouri but for America as well.