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Massive ground beef recall E.coli 11 people sick

Massive ground beef recall E.coli 11 people sick
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1.8 million pounds of beef are being recalled with deliveries spreading out farther than first originally thought. The eat from a Detroit processing plant, linked to an E.coli outbreak has been released to restaurants and stores nationwide, just in time for the grilling out Memorial Day holiday.

The company says no product tested positive

The biggest concern undercooked meat to lill all the E.coli. This ecoli strain can take up to ten days to take its effect completely on the body. Hamburgers or ground beef that is eaten on the rare side or under cooked, not prepared well-done could potentially cause illness.

Cook and store ground beef

E.coli is a germ found in ground beef, what causes the problem, undercooking. Cross-contamination, undercooked meat coming in contact with other foods, cooking utensils, surfaces, dishes can infect other food to carry the sometimes fatal foodborne illness. Not washing your hands between preparation of raw and cooked foods can also transfer the E.coli bacteria.

Irradiated beef, is raw beef that has been treated to kill the E.coli bacteria and is safe

Most people and restaurant managers are unaware of this treatment and how it cuts the risk of foodborne illness. The cost is also a factor because irradiated food comes with a higher price tag.


Cook ground beef using a meat thermometer. Make sure the temperature of the cooked meat reaches 155-degrees. The FDA says meat should be cooked at 160-degrees because this temperature kills E.coli rapidly.

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