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Massive Fish Kill in Louisiana: Is it Linked to Gulf Oil Spill?

Just when things have begun to calm down after the BP Gulf Oil Spill disaster from April, news has recently surfaced of a gigantic fish kill discovered in the Mississippi River.  According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the dead fish are clogging a bayou on the west side of the Mississippi River late last week, near the Plaquemines Parish of Louisiana. Plaquemines was one of the first impact areas of the BP Gulf spill as well as one of the hardest hit.  

According to CBS, hundreds of thousands of fish have died in this incident and it immediately raises questions whether this massive fish kill is related to the chemical dispersants used by BP during the Gulf Oil Spill clean-up effort.

Shortly before this site was discovered, a huge starfish kill was reported in the area.  This latest incident is one of several that are causing major concerns about the (largely unkown) environmental impact caused by the oil spill this Spring.

Further frightening residents is the possibility of unknown poisons entering the food chain through this and other seafood being harvested in the Gulf.