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'The Division' boss discusses collaborating with other Ubisoft studios

What pooling resources will result in
What pooling resources will result in

Tom Clancy's The Division is a next generation game that is being developed by Massive Entertainment and released by Ubisoft. We are featuring a segment this week with Massive Entertainment's Managing Director David Polfeldt.

This segment focuses on collaborating on projects with other Ubisoft studios. According to Polfeldt, it seems fantastic. The other studios share and pool resources across the board, and it helps ease the process of development. This is what Polfeldt has to say on working with other Ubisoft studios.

"For instance, technology sharing in the group is for free. That means I can never sell my engine to another studio or try to make any money from anybody else. Any studio in Ubisoft could call me today and say, ‘hey David can you send me Snowdrop, I want to try it out,’ and I’ll do it within 24 hours.

"That creates a sense of being in a brotherhood or being on a team. It’s quite powerful. There’s also a question of resources that some of these big projects demand for a limited time a huge boost in resources. Often, it’s easier to borrow that from a studio or pickup some partnership somewhere, rather than for me to hire 17 new guys on Sweden.

"[That] would take over a year [to do], but within Ubisoft I can pickup the phone and say, ‘hey Toronto or Singapore, whoever, are you guys available? Are you guys between projects? Would you like to help me out with this?’ Really that’s how both Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry 3 happened; there was a window there that they weren’t able to fill. They just made a couple phone calls and [it happened]," Polfeldt said.

With the amount of tools available at any of the studios' disposal, a lot can be accomplished across the board for anyone involved with Ubisoft. This also saves money in the long run, and provides for a more seamless experience in getting games perfected for release. This asset should especially help The Division when all is said and done.

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