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Massive drug tunnel: Narcotics smugglers busted in Ariz.

A massive drug tunnel in Nogales, Ariz. was discovered and immediately shut down by authorities last Monday. It was the longest tunnel of its kind ever found in the area at 481-feet and stretching beyond the borders of America and Mexico. The structure ran from Nogales, Ariz. to Nogales, Sonora. WebPro News wrote in a Feb. 15 report that 640 pounds of marijuana and a half pound of heroin was confiscated in the bust.

Three men were arrested in connection to the massive drug tunnel and the illegal substances they dealt. The report revealed that Jesus Alberto Ramirez-Valencia, 22, of Nogales, Arizona., Jose Solorzano-Flores and Jose Mario Armenta-Valdez, both 41, of Mexico were arrested. All three were charged with drug conspiracy. Their court date is Feb. 18 in Tucson, Ariz.

A task force was on the case when it was suspected drug activity was going on at a private residence. The home was put on surveillance -- as well as the one at the other end of the massive drug tunnel. He was caught driving a vehicle with 590 pounds of pot.

An assistant special agent in the case -- Eric Balliet -- said the task force was able to shut down the tunnel as it was in the early stages of operation. The men were captured before they were able to "recoup their investment," Balliet said.

Drug operations being run via tunnels is common in Nogales, but the large one just found is the largest one. It was 4-foot high by 3-foot wide. Electric lighting and fans were installed to keep air circulating.

This massive drug tunnel discovery is a good bust by authorities. Who knows how many other would have gotten involved in this elaborate drug operation.

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