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Massive considered past-gen for The Division, confident in PS4 & Xbox One base

What game do you want most in 2015?
What game do you want most in 2015?
Permission to use photo given by Ubisoft

Tom Clancy's The Division is currently scheduled to be just the third current-generation only title for Ubisoft (excludes Rayman Legends). Massive Entertainment is confident the new-gen release will see strong support from PS4 and Xbox One owners when it launches in 2015.

The Division has been confirmed for the PS4, Xbox One and PC when it releases, but we wanted to know if past-gen systems were ever considered for the game. Fredrik Rundqvist, who is an executive producer on Tom Clancy's The Division, spoke with about how Massive did think about bringing the game to the PS3 and Xbox 360, but ultimately it came down to the game not being able to work on past-gen systems.

"Sure. We want the game to be as accessible as possible. What we wanted to do with the graphics and with the seamless open-world is not possible to do on last-gen," Rundqvist said.

This is a bit of a reassurance for people hoping The Division remains a current-generation only release, and it looks like it will. When these online games become more and more reliant on the advanced technology of the PS4 and Xbox One, it almost immediately eliminates any potential for the Xbox 360 and PS3 to receive a version of a game like The Division.

Quickly, if you're wondering about whether or not you'll be able to turn off PvP in The Division, massive confirmed to us that there is no option to turn off PvP, and people who wish to not engage in it will need to "avoid going into the Dark Zone." In case you didn't know, Dark Zones are where PvP will be enabled.

As it has been well-documented up until now, the success of the PS4 and the Xbox One is blatantly evident. People who believed new consoles wouldn't be supported early on are being proven wrong by the loyal consumers who have purchased millions of them. Rundqvist talked about the support both consoles have received and how it bodes well for them in 2015.

"If you look at the [sales] trends for PS4 and Xbox One, I think it looks really encouraging. It’s selling faster than last-gen, which is surprising to me. I don’t mind at all [that The Division] is coming out next year. There will be more people who can enjoy the game," Rundqvist said.

It's extremely encouraging to see such popularity surrounding the PS4 and Xbox One so early on. Software is only going to get better as time goes on. 2015 is setting up to be the year of the current-gen only release, if you will.

The Division is among the major upcoming games during next year. The caliber of releases for 2015 will only drive more consumers to stores so they can pick up their PS4 and/or Xbox One. The Division will launch sometime in 2015.

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