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Massive boulder derails train French Alps: Why so many boulders shaking loose?

What's shaking so many of these massive boulders loose? For that matter, why the dramatic uptick in train derailments?
What's shaking so many of these massive boulders loose? For that matter, why the dramatic uptick in train derailments?

On Saturday, Feb 8, 2014, a massive boulder derailed a train in the French Alps outside the town of Annot in southeastern France. What’s shaking so many massive boulders loose lately? Or, for the matter, why the uptick in train derailments?

Yet another train derailment . . . yet another massive boulder rolls
Various sources

A massive boulder, the size of an automobile, shook loose and hurtled down the mountainside, derailing a tourist train in the French Alps. The force of the boulder smashing into the train, crushed the side of one of the cars, and left it dangling nose down from the mountainside, The boulder continued to roll down another 30 ft., taking trees in its path with it.

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The accident happened around 1000 GMT as the tourist train was traveling between the towns of Saint-Benoit and Annot on the Nice-Dignes line in southeastern France.

Probable causes

Probable causes include (1) the earth wobble, and (2) earth movement caused by the roll of the African Plate. Developing trends and signs are there for all to see.

The Zetas of ZetaTalk have said the Earth Wobble will become so extreme - on a daily basis - that none can deny it. They also say there will come a time when the Sun will be so out of place that none can deny what is taking place.

We are fast reaching that point.

As predicted by the Zetas of ZetaTalk and as a precursor to the Pole Shift, the African continent has begun its roll. The Zetas have said that a “peculiar jiggle” is experienced in countries being nudged during the roll and some of these countries lie “above” the Mediterranean, like France. They have described the roll of the African Plate as a dropping down of the plate with a twist of its top to the east.

Why do you think so many massive boulders "shaking loose" and rolling down hillsides? What do you think is the cause of the increasing number of train derailments?

The "probably cause" is there for all to see. Massive boulders shaking loose and train derailments are only a few of the unimaginable ways Planet X (Nibiru) is wreaking havoc on Earth. Prepare. Time is short.

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