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Massacre 5 a big hit on St. Valentine's day

St.Valentine's Day is now a Metal Holiday. After 5 brutal appearances of KariN ComeS KillinG, it's official. St. Valentine's Day is a Metal Holiday!. Massacre 5 had a bill on 2-14-14, at the Knitt, that was everything a Metalhed would want.

Brutal Season Opens for St. Valentine's Day Massacre 5 2-14-14.Alex Shredding!
Brutal Season Opens for St. Valentine's Day Massacre 5 2-14-14.Alex Shredding!

Starring: Brutal Season, Latimer, Rip Chain, and KariN ComeS KillinG! Shorter line up compared to previous years. Massacre 5, started with the Debut (@theKnitt) of long time locals new band Brutal Season. Then the Thrashers of Latimer took the stage. Then it was Rip Chain with a more developed sound. Finally KCK with a couple of new songs and a big surprise for their fans.

Brutal Season, who made their official debut at the New Frontier Club in Meridian, on January 17th. Started the show off. Members Alex, Jason, Raider, Brian and Tim, bring out the best in each other which makes them a lot of fun to listen to. The crowd, (many local musicians) were anxious to here this fresh band make a name for themselves. Mission accomplished! After tearing into the crowd with "Throwing Planets" and "Breathing New Life"(my personal favorite). They went for the jugular with "Funeral of Reality" and "Rotten Seed". Jason moving through the pit, until he stole the show with playing in the pit and mixing with the Brutal Moshers. Finally killing us all with Bad Seed! A song that reminds us why we are truly MetalHeds!

Latimer, I don't know what to say. Everyone loves them. Even the goofy Mustache on the Drummer. It works. This band is a crowd favorite, and for good reason. They can mix it up. Bring it hard and let everything smash itself. Latimer is a Boise favorite. Can't wait to see them in Meridian.

MetalHed's beware, Rip Chain sounds different. Even their old songs have new life. I don't know what you guys did but do it some more. Everyone I talked to at the show was impressed by the new found confidence and this translated into an Epic set by these guys. Starting with "Thy Will Be Done" and "Strut" they killed us with "Dying on the Vine" and "Locust". Ending their set with a Pantera Cover "I'll Cast A Shadow". Way to go Rip Chain.

The moment we all were waiting for was about to arrive. KCK will take the stage at the Knitt for the fifth time at St. Valentine's Day Massacre Show. The Crowd was waiting with so much anticipation that when they melted our brains with "Colombian Necktie" their first song we were zombies through "Better Than Sex" and "Karma" until the debuted some new stuff , that doesn't even have a name yet.. Not good with names "Karma" ended and then I did hear something I thought sounded familiar. Talking In Your Sleep"? Hmmm. That can't be right. That's not even a rock song, much less Metal. WTH. This is chunky. This is deep. this is fresh. Wow guy's I would have never expected this. And it sounds... Fantastic. Kill it more, YES!

I would have never have guessed that KCK would cover a song like this. The Romantics! Wow! And they Killed it!. Making this Massacre 5, truly a big hit.

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