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Massachusetts trooper: Cardboard license plate sticks out like sore thumb

Cardboard license plate, a bad attempt at a replica, didn't fool trooper!
Cardboard license plate, a bad attempt at a replica, didn't fool trooper!
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The days of putting a piece of cardboard in place of your license plate are gone, today it is the Department of Motor Vehicle issued metal plate or it’s not legal. Those were the tricks of the trade when you had a jalopy years ago or you lost your license plate, but it doesn’t work today, although one Massachusetts woman gave it her best shot, reports KPTV Fox News local on Sept. 3.

One crafty driver from Chicopee tried to fool the police with a hand-drawn license plate that sported the same colors and arraignment that a real Massachusetts license plate displays. The only thing she forgot was to draw in an inspection sticker.

A Massachusetts State Trooper from the Springfield barracks spotted the counterfeit license plate going down Interstate-391 about 7:30 a.m. in Tuesday rush hour traffic. The 1991 Honda Accord had a license plate that looked very close to the state’s plate, but there was something a bit off, it was done in magic marker!

The New York Daily News reports that the “crudely drawn” artwork was a “poor replica” of a Massachusetts license plate. Doesn’t sound like she gets an “A” for effort, even though she tried.

Johanna Baez-Rodriguez of Springfield was the 20-year-old driver of the vehicle. When she was pulled over she was found to have a variety of driving violations going on that morning. Her bad coloring job was nothing in the scope of things to come.

Trooper Nicole Morrell reports that the driver was operating the motor vehicle with a suspended license and a revoked registration, along with a few other violation. Apparently she hadn’t sat down and colored a license or registration for herself before leaving the house, in case she did get pulled over. That would have also been illegal.

Trooper Morrell made sure to say that a cardboard license plate just doesn’t cut it, even if your actual license plate number is on the artwork. You need a real license plate today!

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