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Massachusetts senate seat

Scott Brown
Scott Brown
AP Photo/Josh Reynolds

On January 19, 2010 the state of Massachusetts will hold a special election for the senate seat previously held by Senator Kennedy.   The outcome of this election could result in a change for this country. Not the kind of change that President Obama spoke of so often during his campaign, but true change.

Perhaps readers have no interest in a special election in Massachusetts. That same reader would likely be interested in knowing that this election could stall the health-care legislation in the next stage.

If Scott Brown, Republican candidate, wins this seat, the entire national health-care reform debate may hinge on when he takes over as senator. Brown has vowed to be the crucial 41st vote in the Senate that would block the bill.
The Senate doesn’t meet again formally until January 20, meaning that the decision of the voters of the Bay State would be made before a vote on health-care reform could be made. This seemingly small detail could mean that Brown, if elected, could be held in limbo.
There is more to consider, however. Representative Niki Tsongas (D-Lowell) was sworn in on October 18, 2007 at the U.S. House of Representatives. Interestingly, Rep. Tsongas was an elected official, have won by special election just two days before, and arrived on Capitol Hill in time to override a presidential veto of the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. If elected, could Brown use this event to arrive on Capital Hill in time to sway a piece of legislation that will change these United States forever? We shall see….

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