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Massachusetts senate race holds key to "insuring" Healthcare Reform

(D.) Ted Kennedy passed away August of last year.
(D.) Ted Kennedy passed away August of last year.
Kennedy Senate Portrait

Healthcare reform is not finalized yet, and the outcome of the Senate race in Massachusetts to fill the late Senator Edward Kennedy’s seat, on January 19, will play a crucial role in whether or not reform will take place. Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown will be the deciding factors in getting healthcare reform. Coakley, if elected has pledged to support healthcare reform legislation, while Brown has pledged to filibuster reform.

In short If Scott Brown is elected and follows through with his campaign pledge the Republicans will score a victory in killing healthcare reform legislation.

That is why I believe advocates of healthcare reform must not high five each other as if victory is at hand, but instead rally voters in Massachusetts to insure a victory for Coakley. Without the election win of Coakley, the wonderful dream of healthcare reform our country so desperately needs, will turn into a even greater nightmare for those who not only need quality and affordable healthcare; but deserve quality and affordable healthcare.

Republican House leader John Boehner has said "The American people are with us" in beating healthcare reform legislation. Well Congressman Boehner you have been I’ll informed, this American, is not with you on this issue. If those in Massachusetts believe in healthcare reform like I do, and take their beliefs to the ballot box, then the dream of affordable and quality healthcare will be kept alive.


  • Eric 5 years ago

    Ensuring... but then, Coakley has been having issues also lately.. See

  • Eric 5 years ago

    Oh yes, Go Scott Brown!

  • Andy 5 years ago


    I absolutely agree that was a major campaign gaffe.

    Thank you for posting that link.

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