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Massachusetts Republican Party Survey: Does it Matter?

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The Massachusetts Republican Party recently sent out a survey to help develop a party platform for the 2014 elections. We can only wonder if they will actually read the results or continue their latest strategy and try to be more like the democrats. We suggest they are trying to skew the survey to “prove” their strategy of nominating lite democrats is the correct one, even though it has been unsuccessful for at least two election cycles.

The questions are all legitimate “Conservative” questions, it is the wording and lack of clarification that concerns us. It is possible your commentator is reading more into this than is really there, but then he has become jaded with the political process in Massachusetts in the past few years, actually wondering why he came out of his self-imposed exile from politics and gladly buried his head in the sand leaving it for others. If one takes the time to study the tactics of a certain radical from the good old days of radicalism and read his "Rules", you learn there is a way to word questions, to only have one right answer. Those who conform to the Agenda 21 theory, of which this commentator is still on the fence about, have seen this tactic used as a way to fool people into supporting Agenda 21 for years. While we certainly agree that we on the right need to use the same tactics as those on the left, should we employ them with out own members?

Let’s look at a few questions.

  • “Oppose the Affordable Care Act” – How does one answer this question? If you answer “Yes” which true conservatives would more than likely do, you run the risk of being branded as uncaring and heartless. After all who could possibly be against providing all those poor, uninsured folk out there with affordable health insurance? If you answer “No” you run the risk of being a democrat and Obama supporter. Let’s disregard the fact that more people will lose their insurance than will get insurance and that health care costs will sky-rocket as already has here in Massachusetts from Rombama Care, or that premiums and deductibles will go through the roof, so how do you want to answer? “Not Sure.”
  • “Support helping those individuals who are disabled” – Another tough question to answer, especially since they left out the most important part of the question, the definition of disabled. Do we go with the definition the democrats use for disabled or do we go with a more conservative definition? If you lean to the left you define disabled much more liberally than those who lean right. Being in Massachusetts it is nearly impossible to find a real number of people who are defined as “disabled” who could really support themselves but it is probably substantial. Like any government program, the disability system only survives by making sure there are people to support. So how can one answer this question without the definition? “Not Sure.”
  • “Respect for life from conception to death” – Without getting into an in-depth discussion of when life begins or ends in the case of the euthanasia debate, let’s go right to the heart of what the left will say. What about incest or rape? What if a woman’s life is in danger from the pregnancy? What if a person can no longer live a productive life? A “yes” means you don’t care about a person’s quality of life, you don’t care about a woman’s health, you are a bad, bad, person. A “no” means you obviously have no respect for life. “Not Sure.”
  • “Support a traditional definition of marriage” – Given the fact that here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts we already had this issue decided without the input of the voters it probably is a moot point on whether or not we support it anyway, but humor your writer. Similar to the question on the disabled we need the definition of traditional marriage included, even going so far as to define the term marriage. Let’s go with a marriage being between a man and a woman as being a traditional marriage. If we answer “yes” once again there is the risk of being branded a “hater” and a “homophobe.” After all why shouldn’t everyone be allowed to be happy? A “No” means we are going against the traditional conservative view. “Not Sure.”

There are 14 more questions, but you should get the point here. (You can take the survey here.) The majority of respondents will answer “Not Sure” on most of the questions which will in turn be interpreted by the state party as proving they are right when they say “We need to be more like the Democrats, it’s the only way we can win in Massachusetts!” Of course as we continue to point out, this strategy hasn’t worked yet, nor will it ever. What is that definition of insanity again? Something about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

Commentary by Paul Roy. Hit the follow button if you would like to be notified when he publishes another article or follow him on Facebook at “Paul Roy Jr.



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