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Massachusetts Parks: Middlesex Fells- Panther Cave!


Massachusetts Parks: Middlesex Fells- Panther Cave!

South Border Road

Winchester, MA

Here's a fun and easy walk with little ones to seek out this real life cave that will get your kids thinking about bears, bobcats and, yes, Panthers! It's a 10-15 minute walk from the trail head on South Border Road in the parking cutout across from Jeremiah Circle. From the lot follow the white trail marks. It'll bring you to a,wide park road...turn right and a sign on a tree to your left marks the cave. It's just a little past the sign. Before you get there, though, keep an eye out for a round depression/sink hole off of the left side of the trail. Too small and recent to be a kettle hole from the last ice age but what could have made it? Also, in season, you'll find blueberries along the trail!

The Middlesex Fells is adminstered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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