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Massachusett's highest court sets another outrageous precedent.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

A former Amherst high school science teacher Ronald Garney pleaded guilty to buying and possessing child pornography. Furthermore , he used a state-issued email address at his school to access the illegal websites. Yet the Supreme Judicial Court ruled on August 18th that he can keep his $28,725-a-year pension. This now establishes a precedent that could protect retirement benefits for criminals at taxpayer expense.

“It belies common sense,” said Walter Foster, a pension lawyer at Eckert Seamans. “It has a broader reach beyond teachers. … To me, it’s an invitation, at the very least, for the state Legislature to act.”

The root of the problem is Governor Patrick and a Governor's Council who has enabled him to continually appoint justices to the highest court that are biased towards social engineering . There is clearly a pattern of instituting laws that violate the sensibilities of many citizens.

And so the question remains will the Legislature act to curb or reverse this trend?

I doubt it . The state's Legislature has failed miserably in recent rulings to uphold victim's rights regarding parole standards for criminals who commit their crimes when they are juveniles. This is troubling since the Legislature, unlike the SJC is a representative body. Outcry by victim's advocates have fallen on deaf ears.

And so the pattern will undoubtedly continue.

The Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts continues to violate the most fundamental tenets of order in our society. This is not a "liberal" or a "conservative problem - white or black- Christian or Muslim -Democrat or Republican.

It is a deeply disturbing universal crises and a further dereliction of duty in upholding justice for law-abiding people.

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