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Massachusetts election results, Indiana May primaries, and what it all means for Evan Bayh

Scott Brown’s astonishing win in Massachusetts has set the political world on fire and has sent democrats scrambling as they try to figure out what to do next. In Indiana, Evan Bayh has to be wondering what this means for his political future, especially since filings for the May primaries in Indiana began this morning.
So far, no clear challenger has come forward in the race for Bayh’s senate seat, but it can be assured that one will emerge. Hoosier voters have not forgotten Bayh’s vote for the Senate version of the health care bill and it will certainly give Bayh’s opponent in November ample ammo to unseat him.

In a December 22, 2009 Indianapolis Star article , Bayh was quoted as saying, “The health reform debate epitomizes all that frustrates the American people, including me, about Congress and Washington D.C.” Bayh then voted for the bill on Christmas Eve, which makes one wonder if he truly believes what he is saying. The bill that was voted on was crafted with almost no republican input. In fact, it was crafted behind closed doors with no republicans or C-SPAN cameras allowed, which broke a campaign promise made by President Obama several times during his election campaign to keep the process open and transparent.

Democrats in Washington and the Hoosier state have plenty of reasons to worry about their jobs after last night’s win by Scott Brown in Massachusetts. If the voters of the bluest state in the land aren’t afraid of turning red for a cause they believe in, then no blue states, or blue seats for that matter, are safe. Several offices in central Indiana are up for election in November. Carl Brizzi won’t be running for Marion County prosecutor and Frank Anderson, the Marion county sheriff, has served his maximum amount of terms. Representative Andre Carson, who represents Indiana’s 7th district in Congress, is also up for reelection and Republican Carlos May hopes to be able to unseat him and bring an end to the Carson dynasty here in Indianapolis. Dan Burton (R-Indiana 5th District) and Steve Buyer (R-Indiana 4th District) are also up for reelection, although no strong candidate has come out against either of them yet.

All in all, the democrats may have a difficult time in the Hoosier state come November which may be shocking when you consider the Obama took the state handily in the presidential election a little over a year ago. The democrat in the most trouble though may be Bayh and after last night’s stunning upset in Massachusetts, he may rethinking his position on not only health care but several other issues as well.


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