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Massachusetts, Elect Scott Brown!

I am writing about the special election being held January 19, 2010 in Massachusetts. I am not a resident of Massachusetts and have never been a resident of Massachusetts. Today, however, in this political climate, I am wishing that was not the case. I am wishing that I lived in Massachusetts and had the opportunity to go door-to-door for Scott Brown, who is running for the seat in the Senate vacated by the late Edward Kennedy.

He is a Republican. I am not. In fact, I am a registered Democrat. Moreover, I am a registered Democrat who vigorously campaigned for President Obama. I campaigned for him while he was running for the Senate. I put money toward his Presidential campaign that I didn't even have. I made phone calls, went to rallies. I did everything I could to help get him elected. After hearing that great speech he gave at the Democratic National Convention during John Kerry's 2004 campaign, I was hooked. I read his book. I have a plaque hanging on my wall with an invite to the Inauguration. I even get his Christmas cards. I really thought that if he were President of the United States things would be different. I just didn't understand what "different" meant because I believed the things he told us. I suppose when you want to believe something badly enough, you'll fall for anything.

He's broken his campaign promises, which is all too apparent with the healthcare bill. He has not brought back our troops; in fact he has committed more troops in Afghanistan. He was all about transparency; right up until he set foot inside the White House. I don't think our sitting President understands how angry the voters are and how much we hate the lies politicians tell us.

I am truly worried about where America is headed. I thought Bush was bad, but at least most Americans knew what to expect with him. It is like our country is being driven "kamikaze" style off a beautiful cliff of poetic sentences and eloquent rhetoric. The Democrats have lost their minds with their newly -found power. It is truly frightening to watch from the sidelines. While we have the 2010 November elections available to us to restore the balance , I feel it will be too late then. The majority of Americans do not want this healthcare bill. The majority of Americans do not want the irresponsible spending. The majority of Americans wanted change; but the change we wanted isn't the change we are getting.

Scott Brown represents the one, the only thing, right now that stands between one party doing whatever they want at the expense of every single person who pays taxes and the restoration of some measure of accountability in Congress. His vote in the Senate will restore a degree of accountability with the magic number being reduced to 59, thus erasing the runaway train that Congress is currently placing every single American on.

If Scott Brown is elected, he will be the only blockade America has at their disposal to keep Congress doing whatever they want. It is painfully obvious Congress could care less about the people who entrusted them to look after their interests by voting accordingly. That's how it is supposed to work in a Republic. But, they have their own agenda right now. If every single voter from every single county across America called each of their individual Representatives or Senators and took issue with their vote, I do not believe it would matter. Congress is not listening. The train has left the station without America on it. Scott Brown is the only force, at the present time, who can wake them from their self -induced narcissistic, ambition-driven state of hypnosis. If they continue, when they are through, inflation will be so bad we will be paying four bucks for a gallon of milk. People with Medicare will be dying because their benefits will have been cut to pay for unemployed Americans. And, by then, there will be a lot of unemployed Americans. They won't be able to eat, but if they slip and fall, they will be able to visit a doctor. The President will be circling around the country with his bid to reelection declaring how he was the President that got the job done which Clinton could never finish. He will wear that sign around his eyes, like a blindfold, unable to really see the damage he has done, because his ambition got the best of him. He forgot about the voters. He forgot about the promise he made to our great country.

Ultimately, the voters have the power. Scott Brown stands between this disaster in-the-making and a balance once again being restored to the Senate. We really need him now. He is the pinch-hitter for America in the fourth inning. And as far as the rest of the game goes ... no worries. America will take care of the score in November.

My wish is threefold: Elect Scott Brown, elect Scott Brown and please elect Scott Brown. He is why America is so great. Every once in awhile a single individual can change everything. And this is that moment.



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