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Mass incursion of illegal immigrants plagued with diseases

Undocumented immigrant children overloading resources
Undocumented immigrant children overloading resources
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Diseases that most Americans never give a second thought to are being brought across our borders, and then ushered into the heart of the United States.

Tens of thousands of immigrants, many of them children from Central America and other countries, are crossing our border with Mexico. Conservative estimates put the number of minors and families at well over 50,000 but that number isn’t being revised as thousands more cross into the United States. Many of those crossing our borders are infected with a hodgepodge of diseases and afflictions. And they are infecting our citizenry according to an August 01 story.

A July 30th story from the Washington Times highlights that the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico, is on shutdown because of a chickenpox epidemic. This is the facility that trains new border patrol agents yet it is now converted as a shelter for the illegal immigrants; now a quarantined area for maybe just chickenpox.

According to Shawn Moran of the National Border Patrol Council, H1N1, tuberculosis, measles and chickenpox are the most common diseases being brought across, with scabies and lice very common.

The U.S. Border Patrol Agents, who are dealing with these illegal immigrants on a daily basis, are becoming afflicted and bringing the diseases home to their own families according to an internal investigation conducted by the Office of Inspector General.

The unaccompanied minors and families are being whisked off by the Department of Homeland Security and being relocated to locations across the United States, potentially carrying undiagnosed diseases to numerous areas across the United States. Many leaders, at both the city and state level, are forbidding entry by the DHS yet the DHS-ushered influx continues, regardless of the opposition.

Thousands of illegal immigrant children are already being placed into schools across the United States with some school districts being inundated and struggling to handle the influx. Attorney General Eric Holder said in a May 8, 2014, statement that public schools must enroll and educate the children of illegal immigrants. “Public school districts have an obligation to enroll students regardless of immigration status and without discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin,” Holder stated.

On a related topic, a flurry of news about the uncontrolled outbreak of Ebola in Africa and the quarantine of certain areas parallels the influx of diseases-infected immigrants on our southern border.

If Ebola somehow makes its way to our southern border, with the thousands of immigrants waiting to cross the border or being housed by the hundreds in facilities not designed for such operations, a disaster of epic proportion will occur.

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