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Mass Incarceration

Justice (Mass Incarnation)

mass incarnation, what to do about it
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Consecrate moments of our life Baptism, Communion, Eucharist

Sanctify Marriage, Confirmation, Eucharist

Healing Spiritually and Physically Broken Anointing, Reconciliation, Eucharist

How can we go out and show the world? Liturgy, Public service and go out and show the world, with service of God and your neighbor.

How do we show service in person? Working towards well being.

Penance and Reconciliation:

What do you want to happen after you realized the harm that you have caused? What were your feelings? What actions did you take?

Features of P and R in Christian tradition

Conversation with others

Accountability and responsibility

A preference for forgiveness

Aimed toward restoration and relationship

Communal Context

Grounded o broader Eucharist

Reconciled and Reconciliation

Act restorative Justice

A growing movement worldwide.

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