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Mass. hams knew already, Romney shoots from the lip not thinking of consequences

Having watched the fun and games that Mitt and his gang of cronies perpetrated here during his four-year stunt – er, stint – as honcho of the State of Massachusetts, it's not surprising that the leader of the Bain World and other free nations (27 CEOs and others to whom he has apparently pledged to lower their taxes so the government would pay them), one can say that the Romney response to the horror of Benghazi is typically – well, Romney.

His life as a tennis gov

You can't take away from Gov. Romney that he is a great family man – he and his lovely wife Anne, former first lady of the Bay State and their five children definitely did dress up the Governor's Office in Boston and he is a great dad and granddad – but as a governor he is definitely the south end of the horse.

For example, at one time the state of Massachusetts had an excellent voluntary communications program where Amateur Radio operators responded during emergencies and assisted the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) with whatever happened to be needed. Hams, by the way, of our own volition, continue to volunteer in the state's Emergency Operations Center and regional Operations Centers, but Gov. Romney, true to form, had nothing good to say about Hams or their contribution to the state efforts.

Like a tennis ball at the US Open, you can be sure that the Governor would open his mouth and say something without thinking just as a huge serve ends up whacking off the center net at 134 mph, leaving those in his wake to spin it so that no one would misunderstand. It was a big job because he did use his mouth as a cleaner for his size 12 (just guessing) Brogans, more than once.

He did put his foot into his mouth, sometimes up to his elbows, when he shot from the lip. Those were his most public contributions – the ones that were picked up by the state's newspapers, wires, blogs and various ham websites.

The good governor's exhortations about the state of “amateurs” who were of little use to him or his staff of professionals (professional what, was never established) – it's funny how Hams continue to come forward to assist MEMA and its ancillary organizations.

Current comments about Middle East not unexpected

If a Governor, who was as uninformed by his staff about the contributions that Radio Amateurs made and continue to make to the state of Massachusetts, makes political statements about the tragedy and horror in Benghazi, is it little wonder then? He was used to shooting from the lip when he was governor here and continues to do so as a presidential candidate.

Indeed, I have been roundly criticized for my criticism of Gov. Romney, but, as I answered the person who did the criticism, “if you had lived in Massachusetts when he was governor, you would probably be singing a different tune.”

Our former governor of for the rich, by the rich and of the rich and believe, I think, firmly, that the rich should inherit the earth with everyone else serving them in one capacity or another. He is something like our other Senate Candidate who drives around in his Toyota pickup claiming to have the ear f the people.

I could have the ear of the people, too, if I had had his good fortune and family luck. Each has about as much in common with the “common man” as a brick has with goose down. I suppose you can use a brick as a pillow, once the goose down wears out, but it would hurt.

Romney's comments come as no surprise to anyone who has followed his career in Massachusetts. And, yes, I will identify my politics, I am a middle-of-the-roader. I'll vote the person and not the party.

All Gov. Romney has done with his silly comments has further inflamed a rather nasty situation which, if you will notice, comes on the anniversary of 9/11.

Just a coincidence?

This protest by Egypt's Moslem Brotherhood and other Islamist bands in that area couldn't have been better-timed, could they. Nor, could they have produced better results as a full-fledged ambassador was killed, along with a key spokesperson and other contractors.

Gov. Romney's statements come at a time when the Islamists are trying to retain their viability in a land that sees them for what they are more and more. Gov. Romney, his wingtips and his rather large mouth aren't doing much good to help the situation.


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