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‘Mass Effect’ panels are coming to PAX East this week from Bioware

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

While not much has been revealed about the next Mass Effect game, Bioware plans to give a detailed look at the franchise during panel discussions to come later this weekend. As Polygon reported on April 9, the developer has released their scheduled events for PAX East which reveals what Bioware plans to discuss throughout the remainder of the week.

As would be expected, the majority of the panels are Dragon Age: Inquisition which is expected to launch later this fall. However, a couple of the scheduled timeslots reveal that Bioware does intent to talk about the Mass Effect franchise during this year’s PAX East. Additionally, the actually of developers of Mass Effect will be present throughout the weekend for signings.

There are two panels currently scheduled to will be entirely devoted to the developers popular sci-fi series. The first will take place on Friday afternoon and will celebrate the birthday of the protagonist of t the first three titles, Commander Shepard. The second Mass Effect panel is scheduled for Sunday and is titled “From Relay to Relay: Exploring the Mass Effect Universe.” Cathleen Rootsaer, one of the writers behind Mass Effect will be present for the event.

Bioware is keeping all details regarding the fourth installment of the Mass Effect series a secret at this time. All that has been revealed for now is that the game will feature a new protagonist and that it is being built upon the Frostbite 3 engine just like Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is very unlikely that game will be titled Mass Effect 4 as the developer wants to separate this new chapter in the series from the original trilogy starring Commander Shepard.

The next Mass Effect title currently doesn’t even have an expected release window. Bioware has previously stated that they would rather build the game right rather than quickly. In an effort to gain new ideas for the project and harbor creativity, the entire development team was recently given a full week to work on new prototype concepts of their choice.