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‘Mass Effect’ developer reveals the series’ most popular names

Mass Effect's most popular names
Mass Effect's most popular names
Photo courtesy of Bioware, used with permission

While Bioware continues to work on the upcoming fourth entry of the Mass Effect series, the developer has taken a look at the original Mass Effect trilogy to find the most commonly used names that fans game Commander Shepard. As revealed on the Bioware Blog on May 15, the studio went through metrics of player data from previous Mass Effect games to find the most popular names players assigned to Shepard.

In an unsurprising outcome, the most often used names for male Commander Shepard was John and the most popular name for female Shepard was Jane. After all, these were the default options. In an interesting turn, however, the unisex name of Alex appeared in the top six naming choices for both genders.

Aside from the top picks of John and Jane, Bioware also revealed the five next most commonly used names within the Mass Effect franchise. For female characters the names consisted of Sarah, Kate, Alice, Jessica, and Alex. For male Shepard’s, fans preferred Jack, James, Chris, Alex, and Michael.

Regardless of what first name players decided to give the previous protagonist of the Mass Effect series, Commander Shepard won’t be returning as the franchise’s main character in the fourth game. Having concluding Shepard’s narrative in Mass Effect 3, Bioware will be introducing a new lead character for fans to control in the next Mass Effect game.

At the present time, little is known regarding the new Mass Effect project. Bioware is keeping quiet on almost all details about the game including its estimated release window or what platforms it will be available on at launch. Fans of the popular science fiction franchise are hoping that the developer will release new information on the next Mass Effect title at next month’s E3 event. The developer is also busy putting the finishing touches on this fall’s Dragon Age: Inquisition.