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'Mass Effect 4' size possibly compared to 'Mass Effect 3' and other prequels

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Casey Hudson has provided some hints at what fans can expect for the tentatively-titled, "Mass Effect 4." According to a report from Load the Game on June 9, Bioware posted a video providing a brief update on the project. The executive producer hinted at some of the exploration elements from the potential sequel.

Casey Hudson mentioned that players are able to choose between planets from the far away edges of a galaxy and fly there. Furthermore, they will be able to land and explore the worlds as well. His comments suggest that "Mass Effect 4" may have a bigger scale when compared to "Mass Effect 3" and the other games in the series.

Bioware also provide a small glimpse at some in-game models and environments although no gameplay was shown. As a result, it appears that the next installment of the series may take some time before being completed for release. Another representative did state in the past that the new video game is around 50 percent complete. With production reportedly starting in late 2012, fans may have to wait until late next year at the earliest in order to play the fourth main game.

Along with "Mass Effect 4," the studio is also working on "Dragon Age Inquisition." The medieval role-playing game comes out on Oct. 7 in North America for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. Bioware will be using some of the same elements from the Frostbite 3 engine in the latest "Dragon Age" title for the next "Mass Effect" game, which should shave off some time in development.

Electronic Arts also provided quick looks at "Mirror's Edge" and "Star Wars Battlefront" in addition to a new title from Criterion Games during their press conference at E3 2014. However, it appears that all aforesaid reveals won't be coming out anytime soon. A logo from Bioware can be seen near the top of this article (courtesy of the official "Mass Effect" Facebook page).


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