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'Mass Effect 4' returning characters, races and more discussed

'Mass Effect 3'
'Mass Effect 3'
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Additional details have been hinted in regards to the upcoming tentatively-titled video game, "Mass Effect 4." According to a report from Game Smart on June 12, Bioware hinted that many of the alien races from the prior installments of the series will be brought back in the new title. One of the examples that were used was Krogans, which were shown off in Bioware's developer diary at E3 2014.

The Krogans were initially a dominate specie in the "Mass Effect" universe before a "genophage" attack was launched against the species by the Salarians. As a result, the only one out of every thousand Krogans end up living. The attack, which has no cure, caused the species to go on the verge of extinction.

For "Mass Effect 4," however, players will be able to find Krogans. Bioware has not yet revealed when the video game will take place relative to "Mass Effect," "Mass Effect 2" and "Mass Effect 3." Some fans believed that the studio may have dropped some hints in the past that suggest that the new game should take place after the events that occurred in the trilogy.

Long-time players of the series should not expect to see the return of Commander Shepard, the main protagonist from the previous games. Furthermore, the party members from the trilogy will also be left out as well. Bioware appears to be intent on creating a new experience while keeping the lore of the series intact.

Aside from the developer diary, the studio did not reveal much about the new project. The "Mass Effect 4" release date still remains somewhat of a mystery although one of the members of the team did state that it is around 50 percent complete. Fans may have to wait until late next year at the earliest to play the new title. You can find a screen of the previous release, "Mass Effect 3," near the top of this article (courtesy of the official Facebook page of the series).