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‘Mass Effect 4’ producer seeks fan input from public survey

Mass Effect
Mass Effect
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

In an attempt to gain an understanding of what gamers might be wanting from the next installment of the Mass Effect franchise, Bioware has created a public survey for fans to complete which asks them a series of questions pertaining to their personal gaming preferences. Opening up the brief inquiry for all to participate in, Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble posted a link to the survey on July 14 in the hope of gathering important information for the new game.

The survey itself asks fans if they have played other specific titles. In addition to previous Bioware games, the developer wanted to know if gamers had played other popular released such as Dragon’s Dogma, The Witcher, and Dead Island. The reasoning behind Bioware’s interest in gamer response to these specific titles is currently unknown.

For questions relating directly to the Mass Effect franchise, the developer wants to know exactly which areas of the popular science fiction series that fans enjoy most. The survey asks gamers to share their personal favorite aspects of Mass Effect by ranking different categories such as story, exploration, combat, and customization. Bioware also hoped to find what elements players look forward to in any roleplaying game. Gamble revealed that the survey has already provided the developer with months’ worth of reading material but is still requesting more gamers to add their own thoughts to improve the sampling.

Little is known about the Mass Effect game other than that it will feature a new playable character. It has been confirmed that Shepard won’t return as the protagonist of the franchise’s fourth installment as the Commander’s storyline ended with the conclusion of Mass Effect 3. In fact, Bioware hasn’t even revealed if the next game will take place during the same time period as the original Mass Effect trilogy.