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Update: ‘Mass Effect 4’ dev assures fans that ‘Dragon Age’ won’t impact release

Mass Effect
Mass Effect
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

With this week’s unveiling of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s official release date, some Mass Effect fans were worried that Bioware might temporarily focus primarily on the upcoming release of the fantasy series which could cause delays in the more distant next entry of the Mass Effect franchise. Fortunately, Mass Effect series producer Michael Gamble thwarted these concerns on April 22 by stating that development of either franchise will continue to remain unaffected by each other.

Just because Bioware may currently be keeping quiet regarding details of the next Mass Effect game doesn’t mean that the developer isn’t still working on the project. Furthermore, the public attention that is ramping up towards Dragon Age: Inquisition is only due to the fact it will launch later this year while the new Mass Effect title has no release date in sight. However, both games have their own development teams which are completely independent of one another so they never compete for internal attention. This means that the upcoming Dragon Age release won’t impact the Mass Effect development.

Not much is actually known about the next Mass Effect project other than that is currently in progress and that it won’t feature long-time series protagonist, Commander Shepard, as the main character. This will mark the first installment of the sci-fi franchise which won’t include Shepard at the helm, but Bioware isn’t divulging who the commander’s replacement will be. It isn’t even clear when the series’ fourth entry will take place and it’s entirely possible that it could actually be a prequel.

Bioware’s other major project, Dragon Age: Inquisition, will release on Oct 7 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. Both Inquisition, as well as the upcoming Mass Effect game, are being created using the Frostbite 3 engine. Bioware hasn’t revealed what platforms that the next Mass Effect title will release on but they have hinted that they will appear on the new generation of consoles.

Update: While Bioware has currently revealed very little about the next Mass Effect game, that could easily change during this year’s E3 event which will take place later this summer. Gearnuke recently reported that the developer is rumored to finally talk about the return to their famed sci-fi series when the expo kicks off this June.