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‘Mass Effect 4’ developer talks ‘Mass Effect’ weapon creation process

Screens of ‘Mass Effect 3'
Screens of ‘Mass Effect 3'
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Corey Gaspur recently discussed the weapon creation process for the “Mass Effect” series. According to a report from Softpedia on March 24, the lead combat designer admitted that “anything goes” when the studio begin to brainstorm on certain ideas. You can find the first portion of his comments below:

Literally anything goes (during brainstorming). The shotgun pitchfork sounds silly, but it could work. If you throw on an Omni-tool with a three-pronged bayonet, I could totally see it working.

Corey Gaspur also explained that the development team decided to create weapons based on various factions as the “Mass Effect” series evolved. He went on to use Cerberus as an example. You can find some screens from the 2012 title, “Mass Effect 3,” with the media gallery to the left of this article and the rest of his statement below:

For Cerberus, our central idea was high-tech, clean, and streamlined. The important thing is making sure each faction has a coherent theme.

The lead combat designer is most likely working on the tentatively-titled “Mass Effect 4.” Bioware stated in the past that the potential sequel will be different from the first three mainline games as the plot won’t be following Commander Shepard. A few gameplay changes were also hinted.

“Mass Effect 4” is being developed on Frostbite 3, which is also being used for the upcoming “Dragon Age Inquisition.” The development team is planning to use some of the backend elements of the graphics engine from the third main “Dragon Age” title for the new game in the sci-fi role-playing series.

Bioware has not yet confirmed when “Mass Effect 4” will be released in the United States.

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