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'Mass Effect 4' developer taking story, gameplay and other suggestions

'Mass Effect 3'
'Mass Effect 3'
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Bioware is current seeking suggestions for the tentatively-titled "Mass Effect 4." According to a report from GameSpot on July 15, the development team has sent out a survey asking fans numerous questions related to the upcoming video game. The first query wanted to know what games the participant has played in the past. The list includes a number of games and franchises from the same genre such as "Dark Souls," "Diablo," "Dragon Age," "Fable," "Fallout," "Final Fantasy," "The Elder Scrolls" and "The Witcher."

The questionnaire went on to ask about the survey taker's experience with the previous games in the series. Furthermore, Bioware wanted fans to rate what the most anticipated feature is for "Mass Effect" with the following four options: Combat, Customization, Exploration and Story. A few general questions about the role-playing game genre were also asked.

Finally, Bioware inquired participants if they will be attending the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, GamesCom and PAX Prime events. The studio wanted to know if fans will be dressing up as their favorite characters in the conventions. The San Diego Comic Con takes place on July 24 to the 27 while GamesCom is scheduled from Aug. 13 to 17. The last of the events, PAX Prime, is set from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1.

The development team provided a brief look at "Mass Effect 4" during last month's Electronic Entertainment Expo. The aforesaid survey may hint that the project is still very early in the production stages, however. A member of the development team recently disclosed that it is around the halfway point in the development cycle.

Bioware hinted in the past that the first three mainline games in the series could be remastered on the PS4 and Xbox One before the release of the potential sequel. Nevertheless, no official announcements have been made. A "Mass Effect 3" screen can be seen near the top of this article (courtesy of the Bioware Facebook page).