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‘Mass Effect 4’ developer diaries and other updates hinted by Bioware

‘Mass Effect 3' screens
‘Mass Effect 3' screens
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More “Mass Effect 4” details are expected to be revealed in the near future. According to a report from Gamer Headlines on Feb. 17, a fan asked Aaryn Flynn if the developer diaries for the upcoming video game are still being planned for release later this month.

The general manager at Bioware confirmed that the blog posts are indeed coming. Instead of releasing the developer diaries for “Mass Effect 4” all at once, however, the development team is planning to spread out the reveals. Aaryn Flynn went on to tease that they will have a lot to “talk about and show.” You can find some screens from “Mass Effect 3” in the gallery to the left side of this article and his teaser comment below:

We have lots to talk about and show. It will take some time to cover all of it!

Although Bioware has officially confirmed that the new game from the “Mass Effect” series is in development, the studio has not yet released any footage of in-game screenshots of the title. The new game is expected to take place outside of the overarching plot of the first three mainline games of the series.

The aforesaid “Mass Effect 3” was first released in 2012. Bioware will most likely only focus on launching “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” which is due to be released in the fall, for 2014. The tentatively-titled “Mass Effect 4” will be sharing some graphics engine elements as the third main “Dragon Age” video game.