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'Mass Effect 4' developer clarifies potential naming rumor, codename and more

'Mass Effect 3' screenshot
'Mass Effect 3' screenshot
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Yannick Roy has responded to a rumor in regards to the official name of the tentatively-titled, "Mass Effect 4." According to a report from Attack of the Fan Boy on May 8, the studio director behind Bioware Montreal debunked the speculations that the next game in the series would be called "Mass Effect: Contact." Instead, he revealed that the video game currently has not official title, just a codename that has been passed around internally.

The "Mass Effect: Contact" name was speculated by Dual Shockers after an industry insider provided a hint. However, Yannick Roy has confirmed that the official title will be different. Representatives from the company previously confirmed that the new entry in the franchise won't be called "Mass Effect 4" due to some changes being planned.

The upcoming title should play similarly to the previous "Mass Effect" games. Players should expect a hybrid gameplay that combines real-time third-person shooting action with role-playing elements. However, the story is going to move away from Commander Shepard and the plot from the original trilogy.

The aforesaid Yannick Roy recently stated that "Mass Effect 4" is approximately in the middle of development. Bioware started the productions on the software product around one and a half year ago in late 2012. Barring any delays, the video game is most likely going to launch sometime during later next year.

Electronic Arts, the parent company of Bioware and publisher of the science-fiction role-playing series, is going to hold a press conference for E3 2014 on June 9. Six new unannounced titles will be reveal during the live stream event, which will also be broadcast live on Spike TV. Thus, fans of the "Mass Effect" franchise may be getting a glimpse at the new game sooner rather than later.

Bioware developed "Mass Effect 3" before starting work on the next title. The third main release of the series came out for the PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U and Xbox 360 in 2012. You can take a look at a screen of "Mass Effect 3" from the official Facebook page of the franchise with the image added near the top of this article.

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