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‘Mass Effect 4’ dev talks Oculus Rift, excited to ‘one day make a Facebook game’

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

With the news that Facebook has purchased Oculus Rift, many people are making their opinions on the acquisition known across the internet. When it comes to Bioware, it seems that the developer is interested in releasing Facebook games for the Oculus Rift based upon their popular franchise like Mass Effect. General Manager of Bioware’s Montreal and Edmonton Studios Aaryn Flynn revealed on March 25 that he is excited about the news and hopes to eventually create Bioware games for Facebook and the Oculus Rift.

Personally, I am officially excited to perhaps one day make a Facebook game!

With Flynn’s interest in the Oculus Rift, fans may one day find some of gaming’s better know franchises appearing on the now Facebook owned technology as Bioware’s Montreal and Edmonton studios are responsible for creation of the developer’s better-known series. For example, the studios are currently working on both Dragon Age: Inquisition and the next Mass Effect game. Flynn shared the excitement with an editor of Game Informer on Tuesday after the prospect of a future Mass Effect social game on the Oculus Rift was suggested.

At this point, it is uncertain where Facebook plans to take the Oculus Rift. However, it looks like at least one of gaming’s leading developers is excited to find out.

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