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‘Mass Effect 4’ dev illustrates how games change throughout development

Mass Effect early concept piece
Mass Effect early concept piece
Photo courtesy of Bioware, used with permission

While Bioware may be keeping quiet when it comes to details on the creation of the next installment of the Mass Effect franchise which is currently underway, the developer eased the anticipation of the series’ fans by showing off some very early Mass Effect concept art on April 29. Depicted in the artwork is how the Citadel space station was originally designed.

This public reveal of the concept piece gives gamers insight on how various parts of a game will change through the course of development as the spiral-formed Citadel in the artwork bears little resemblance to how the massive station that Mass Effect fans were taken to in all three previous entries of the series. This helps serve as a reminder to fans as to why Bioware has chosen to remain silent on the next Mass Effect game.

Just as how the Citadel ended up being different from early concept to what was seen in the game, so too could any of the current work on the fourth Mass Effect title change in similar drastic ways. As such, Bioware has decided that it’s better to wait to reveal information for the game until it may be closer to what fans may actually experience from the finished product.

Bioware has decided to keep details on the upcoming Mass Effect project so secretive that all that has been revealed about the game thus far is that it won’t keep Commander Shepard as the series protagonist. Shepard’s trilogy has concluded and the developer is moving on to additional stories. All other aspects of the next entry, however, are completely unknown at this time.

Also of interest to Mass Effect fans, rumors are currently circulating that that a remastered version of the original Mass Effect trilogy might see a re-release on Xbox One and PS4. Enchanced versions of popular games receiving new-gen remakes seem to be a popular among developers right now. Naughty Dog is releasing a HD version The Last of Us on PS4 this summer while 4J Studios plans to launch Minecraft for both Xbox 360 and PS4 sometime this year.