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‘Mass Effect 4’ dev ends speculation, confirms the game doesn’t yet have a title

Mass Effect
Mass Effect
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

While Bioware is currently working on the next Mass Effect game, the developer hasn’t revealed what the fourth installment of the sci-fi series will be titled, but that hasn’t stopped a new wave of speculation to begin ahead of this year’s E3 event in which many have claimed to know the official title of the upcoming entry of the Mass Effect series. However, putting an end to the rumors, Studio Director for Bioware Montreal Yanick Roy confirmed on May 7 that all proposed names for the game are only speculative because the developer hasn’t even decided upon a title at this point.

Obviously, if Bioware themselves have yet to select a name for the next Mass Effect game then self-proclaimed “industry insiders” clearly can’t have uncovered the title when none actually exists. Roy did, however, admit that there is currently a working title for the project which the developer uses internally but that title isn’t indicative of the name the game will eventually launch with.

If the fact that Bioware hasn’t even released a name for the upcoming fourth installment of the Mass Effect series isn’t enough indication itself, the developer has decided to keep very quiet on details surrounding the next game. Yanick Roy previously stated that Bioware is much more interested in making the next Mass Effect title right rather than making it fast. As such, the developer isn’t rushing the project. In fact, there currently isn’t even a suggested release window attached to the game.

One of the only details that is known about the next Mass Effect game at this time is that the franchise’s fourth entry will introduce a new protagonist as the narrative surrounding Commander Shepard concluded with Mass Effect 3. Beyond that, no other information about the project is known at this time. Fans remain hopeful that Bioware will finally reveal more about the upcoming Mass Effect title at next month’s E3 event.