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‘Mass Effect 4’ cinematic work begins with first motion capture session

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

Not much is known about the next Mass Effect game other than that the fourth entry of the popular Bioware franchise will introduce a new protagonist since the Commander Shepard trilogy has ended. Production of the new title, however, has now become to become more involved after the developer began working on motion capture recording for the next game. According to a report by Gameranx on Jan 31, Bioware Cinematic Director Ken Thain revealed that the initial motion capture work for the next Mass Effect title started on Wednesday.

Thain has worked on a number of Bioware games including Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. As the cinematic director of Bioware Montreal, the team who will be developing the fourth Mass Effect game, Thain confirmed that the recordings will take place at an Electronic Arts studio located in Vancouver.

Getting set for our first motion capture session for the next Mass Effect .Off to Vancouver tomorrow to use EA's world class mocap facility.

News that Bioware has started motion capture work is another milestone in the development of the next Mass Effect title which moves the game one step closer to being revealed in greater detail. At this time, the cast, plot, and even timeline of the game are being kept secret. The only definitive detail that has been revealed at this time is that fans won’t be taking on the role of Commander Shepard for a fourth time as the story of the series’ original protagonist concluded in Mass Effect 3.

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