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'Mass Effect 4' and 'Star Wars Battlefront' publisher's E3 2014 reveals hinted

'Mass Effect 3' DLC screen
'Mass Effect 3' DLC screen
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Geoff Keighley has further hinted at some of the reveals from Electronic Arts, the publisher behind the tentatively-titled "Mass Effect 4," "Star Wars Battlefront" and other games. According to a report from Gaming Bolt on May 19, the Spike TV host confirmed that the "EA World Premiere at E3" event will be shown live on the television channel next month on June 9. He also reiterated that six "new game reveals" will be shown off during the one hour press conference.

One the titles should end up being the next installment of the "Star Wars Battlefront" series. At E3 2013, Electronic Arts announced that Digital Illusions CE, the studio behind "Battlefield 4," will be developing the long-awaited potential sequel. The publisher was awarded the rights to release "Star Wars" games early last year. The other "Star Wars" project that has been confirmed so far is a project lead by Amy Henning, the creative director behind the "Uncharted" series, at Visceral Games.

Bioware is also expected to work on another game based on the popular film series. However, the company is currently busy with two projects. One of which is the aforementioned "Mass Effect 4," which has been in development since late 2012. It could be ready to be shown off during the "EA World Premiere at E3" conference. The publisher already confirmed that another Bioware-developed title, "Dragon Age Inquisition," should be featured in the media briefing.

According to Video Gamer, the other major reveal could be a new game in "Battlefield" series. The aforesaid Visceral Games studio is the rumored developer with Ghost Games UK assisting in the production of the first-person shooter. The spin-off title should focus on the police and will be made available later this fall.

The launch window for "Star Wars Battlefront" is expected to be some time in between the second and third quarters of next year. Although "Mass Effect 4" has no release date time frame, it is speculated to arrive in late 2015. A screen showing the third installment of the role-playing series from the official "Mass Effect" Facebook website can be seen on top of this article.