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Mass Calcify from 'Magic 2015'

Mass Calcify from "Magic 2015"
Mass Calcify from "Magic 2015"
Photo courtesy of Wizards of the Coast, used with permission.

Featured in the Price of Glory Intro Pack, Mass Calcify is one of the latest Magic: The Gathering cards reprinted in Wizards of the Coast's Magic 2015 Core Set. This white rare sorcery can potentially devastate your opponent's side of the battlefield.

Mass Calcify - 5WW
Sorcery (Rare)
Destroy all nonwhite creatures.
The dead serve as their own tombstones.

Originally printed in Shadowmoor, Mass Calcify is a curious sorcery. At three more mana to cast than the classic white board sweeper Wrath of God and more modern remake Day of Judgment, Mass Calcify doesn't hit all creatures on the battlefield. Only non-white creatures. For mono white players, this is quite the boon, allowing you to potentially have a one-sided wipe and attack unblocked the same turn. The risk is that you're opponent may be playing white creatures too.

In the current Standard we're more inclined to run Fated Retribution, which also destroys pesky planeswalkers like Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, Kiora, the Crashing Wave, Nissa, Worldwaker, and Xenagos, the Reveler. However if you're running planeswalkers of your own such as Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Gideon, Champion of Justice, or Ajani, Mentor of Heroes in a library packed with white creatures then Mass Calcify will have better synergy.

If we planned on abusing Mass Calcify we'd most likely relegate it to a sideboard instead of our main deck in order to ensure that it isn't a dead draw in game one. Bringing two out of the sideboard against a player who we know isn't using any white creatures in their deck will allow us to have epic wins worth gloating about instead of staring at a card in our hand that won't have any impact when in the wrong matchup.

How will you use Mass Calcify? Please let us know in the comments.

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