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Masquerade ball in 15th-century Venetian fashion at Avalon Hollywood

diptych by Amanda McCracken
Courtesy photo: diptych by Amanda L. McCracken

Experience 15th to 18th century glamour of elite Venetian fashion at Avalon Hollywood's Masquerade Ball on May 15, 2010.

This coming Saturday, during the Festival of Masks, the Masquerade Ball will boast a fabulous evening of mystery and enchantment as presented to you by AyQueChevere Productions.

Dress up in up-scale formal gowns and exude an aura of grand secrecy with your elaborate mask.  Surround yourselves with fancy-clothed minstrels, jugglers, tricksters and mimes of Renaissance Italy.  Make-believe you are walking by famous spots in Venice while you enjoy champagne and live entertainment.

This glamorous masked party starts at 7:30pm with a traditional ballroom dancing.

Let a professional lead you to the dance floor.  Dance the Venetian Waltz while the night is young and as the moment grows old, progress towards 21st-century music.  Colorful skilled performers around the ballroom will keep entertaining and maintain a taste of the old-world feel.

Watch out for tricksters, though.  You never know what are up on their sleeves.  Also, be on the look-out for “a potential sighting of a Prima ballerina's transformation as she breaks out into a rock-and-roll inspired number.”

Stay till midnight to take off your mask and witness the Festival of Masks Finale Performance.

Masquerade by Model Career
Courtesy photo: Masquerade by Model Career

Features for VIP Guests:

• Personal escort and champagne

• Private elevator to the Masquerade Ball

• Red carpet to the VIP section through velvet ropes

• Special cocktail hour

• Sophisticated Venetian menu

• Photo and autograph opportunities

• Complimentary Festival of Masks Masquerade Ball photograph

• VIP masquerade mask unveiling

For tickets and more information, go here.

“The Festival of Masks Masquerade Ball is an unforgettable adventure, a stroll back in time, and the event of the year!” ~AyQueChevere

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  • Judy S. Lexington Christian Living Examiner 5 years ago

    Sounds like so much fun!
    Good job!

    (Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my article!

  • Joyce Geyer, Buffalo Breast Cancer & Health Ex 5 years ago

    Hi Nelonie: Gosh, I knew I subscribed, and I did again right now. I wondered why I didn't get any emails from you.

    This is a beautiful article, and what a wonderous time one would have, thanks!

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