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"Maskers", a subculture of men who like to dress up as living sex dolls

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Recently the UK aired a documentary called "Secrets of the Living Dolls", which is about a subculture of men who like to put on rubber suits, wigs and masks to make them look like living dolls. While some "maskers" are transgender and would like to dress up as the woman inside, some maskers like to dress up as a living doll for particular reason, such as to get attention from strangers. Robert, a 70 year old man featured in the documentary explains that he has never received a lot of attention in his life, and especially in his old age, people don't seem to notice him. However, when he puts the doll suits on, he feels like a celebrity, since he receives attention from all types of men and women from the streets, such as men cat-calling and women grabbing their silicone breasts.

Another reason that maskers dress up as living sex dolls is because they wish to become one of the beautiful women unattainable in their dating lives. Since most of these men are middle-aged or seniors, they can no longer attract young and beautiful women. Therefore, instead of putting in effort to date one, they would rather dress up as an ideal version of a young woman and literally step into their shoes. Some men just do it for the fun, but others even alter the rubber suit to look more authentic, such as putting their own body hair on the silicone vagina. Some experts also believe that some men even receive sexual pleasure by dressing up as a woman, but the sexual reason was not fully explored in the documentary.

At the moment, the company is the sole supplier of rubber body suits for men. The body suits offer custom-made service, so that customers can choose their preferred bra cup size, hip pads, vagina size and range of catsuits. The company even offers a special type of silicone vagina called "cherry popper", which is a soft pigmented silicone vagina that stays moist and never dries out. Perhaps "maskers" will become the replacement for blow up dolls or living doll companions - if men can receive sexual pleasure from dressing up as a living sex doll, they will no longer need a companion doll when they can become one themselves!