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Masi Agricola wines arriving into the US

Masi Agricola brings Italian quality wines to the US market
Masi Agricola brings Italian quality wines to the US market

When new wine products are sent to me for review, there is always a moment of anticipation, a moment of guessing as to what the wines will represent and how will they compare to wines from my past tastings.

When I recently had the opportunity to review several offerings from Masi Agricola, an Italian conglomerate, I was doubly intrigued. Masi Agricola is a family owned and operated grower in the Veneto region of Italy. Today the large firm specializes in both the management and production of some of Italy’s top wines.

Sandro Boscaini, the company’s leader, has made it a personal and company quest to set Masi Agricola as one of the top producers of quality Italian wines. This is important to Boscaini since the family has held acreage and been a producer for over two hundred years in this section of Italy.

One of the most innovative concepts Masi has done is to set up a dedicated quality control team; the team is charged with quality control, technical analysis and research. While this is not unique to Masi Agricola, the breadth of the team is. It looks at the whole winemaking concept, from plantings to final tastings. The goal is to insure a product of the highest quality and one which can be identified as purely Masi Agricola.

Although landowners for over the years, from the late 1950’s the goal of Masi Agricola has to find land and climate to match the goals of the company. Seeking the perfect area for Amarone was one of the early goals and this resulted in the production of several outstanding “Cru” wines. From this alone the company could stand on its laurels. But in fact it continued to expand into the popular Valpolicella Classica district to expand their quality offerings.

Work in this area led to Masi Agricola’s introduction of the Supervenetian wines, which have become very popular both in Italy and in the export market. In addition to the popular Amarones and the Supervenetians, the company also produces Malbecs, Sangiovese, Garganega, and Molinara.

In tasting the offerings from Masi Agricola, I was expecting a special product. The reality is that that is exactly what I tasted in all the offerings. Excellent wines, flavors that were complex enough to be interesting but not overwhelming, and a price point which makes the wines very accessible to average wine lovers.

What I found most interesting about this company was their dedication to tasty wines which please both a US palate and are also extremely popular in Italy and the rest of Europe.

These wines by Masi Agricola are worth searching out. You should enjoy them!

Have a winederful day!

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