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Mashbox Falls and Misty Falls Loop Trail

Mashbox Falls/Misty Falls Loop Trail map.
Mashbox Falls/Misty Falls Loop Trail map.
Dan Goodwin

With Mashbox Falls and Misty Falls being such close neighbors, only about 1000’ apart, it could be prudent to visit both waterfalls on one hike. Given the descents and climbs required for each falls individually, combining the hikes makes some sense, although it does not make it any easier.

See the previous articles on Mashbox Falls and Misty Falls for details of each waterfall.

From the Cleveland, SC post office, follow US276/SC11 to where 276 turns right toward Caesar’s Head. Follow the road for 5.0 miles to a horseshoe curve with a gravel road coming in on the right. Drive down this gravel road about 100 yards to a barricade where there is room to park.

Walk back up to US 276 and turn right to follow the highway uphill. It is extremely dangerous to be in the roadway at this point since you have blind curves in both directions. Up toward the next curve, you will see a guardrail. Get on the inside of the guardrail as quickly as you can. About 3/4s of the way up the guardrail, you will start your descent down to Oil Camp Creek then hike upstream to Mashbox Falls.

After visiting Mashbox, follow Oil Camp Creek downstream for about 800 feet. This is a beautiful section of stream. Stay to the right of the stream. You will come around the nose of a ridge and find tributary stream coming down from the right. This is the stream from Misty Falls.

You may have some difficulty seeing the falls. Look up high. It is 200’ above you. Move to the left of the stream and approach the falls from the ridge to the left.

To return to your vehicle, continue up the center of the ridge until you meet the gravel road. Turn right and follow the road back to the barricade.

At this point, you’ll be ready for some rest.

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