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Maserati tilts in Superbowl commercial

Maserati joined the 2014 Superbowl ad campaign this year and summoned mixed reviews. While the "Ghibli Strike" ad is quite artful and gets our feelings riled up, it is also confusing as far as product. The words and images are compelling without any hint of what will surface until the end. Many commercials play on this hook and are successful but Maserati actually falls flat, leaving viewers wondering how the initial emotions and ideas relate to a fast, pricey car.

The theme sentence is "We have prepared, now we strike. Ghibli, Maserati, the absolute opposite of ordinary." Most people view Maserati as an extraordinary vehicle and usually far beyond their budget. The ad speaks of giants and learning how to deal with them. Its difficult to determine how this idea relates to an extraordinary car. The charming little boy who narrates the story is a winner. The dramatic flare is a winner. However, the ad is lacking cohesiveness and makes many viewers feel ripped off by the time the purpose of the ad comes to the forefront.

Successful ads may surprise, charm, humor and thrill but they shouldn't feel like someone changed the story in mid gear. People will remember the ad, and the Maserati name but its unlikely they'll be impressed with the features of the car. Through the years all kinds of ads have turned to incorporating dramatics and visual images that have little to do with the actual product. We have come to accept the lure and even see it as a game. Its fun to judge how well the Superbowl ads succeed each year. We enjoy the commercials not because we love the products even though we all grasp that consumerism is the ultimate purpose.. We have come to respect artful ad creators and how well they can catch our attention.

This year the 2014 Superbowl ads' successes have been a hot debate with many negative comments and expression of disappointment. The idea that we look forward to commercials is a testament to how deeply the advertising world is tied to our daily lives. However, we expect great things from their creators and express disdain when they don't quite meet the mark. Did Maserti hit the mark or did they fall flat? Check out the attache video and judge for yourself. Please see the list of links below for other Superbowl ads including Budweiser, Audi, and Jaguar.

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