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Maserati patrol car: Maserati owner and cop wannabe impersonating an officer

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A Maserati patrol car raised suspicions among police in Massachusetts, who pulled over the Maserati and placed the driver under arrest for impersonating a police officer. The driver allegedly told police that his Italian luxury car, painted in such a way to resemble a patrol car, was actually helping them do their jobs.

Writes The Associated Press on Aug. 12 via MSN News: “Police patrol cars are usually Fords or Chryslers, not Maseratis. So when a patrolman in Braintree, Massachusetts, spotted a Maserati resembling a police cruiser over the weekend, he pulled it over.”

Here is a Twitter pic of the outrageous Maserati police cruiser.

The unnamed man, from Braintree, Mass., will now have to make a court appearance to explain why he decided to paint his $100,000 vehicle cop style and paste it up with police decals. The black and white body of the car contained a police shield insignia, 911 and K-9 stickers and the words “Speed Enforcement” on the rear bumper. All that was missing were the police-style lights on its roof.

Braintree Deputy Police Chief Wayne Foster said the car “was made to look like a police cruiser,” with one important difference: Instead of the ubiquitous police motto “To protect and serve,” the Maserati had the phrase “Decepticons punish and enslave.” The phrase is a shout-out to the Transformer “Barricade,” seen here in the 2007 action film Transformers.

The 2010 Maserati was pulled over by officer Blake Holt on Washington Street in Braintree Square. Holt said he “didn’t know of any (police) department that had a Maserati,” so he pulled the Italian sportscar over. Great police work there.

Chief Foster said that the Maserati owner explained that his vehicle was an asset to the police, “because other drivers noticed him and slowed down, thinking it was a police vehicle,” Foster quoted the man as saying.

Nice try.

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