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Mase bans wife Twyla Betha from church pulpit: she's a drunk, rapper believes

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TMZ is reporting today that Twyla Betha, wife of rapper and preacher Mase aka Mason Betha, is prohibited from preaching in the pulpit at his church because she is a drunk. Mase's wife Tywla Betha, formerly Twyla McInnis, pleaded guilty for driving under the influence (DUI). The preacher's wife was pulled over by police and arrested after failing the test. Twyla Betha's blood alcohol level was .14, double the legal limit for a driver.

Mase is ashamed by his wife's conduct and feels that her behavior is hypocritical and not befitting a Christian wife. Mississippi native Twyla Betha often counseled others on their marriages when her own marriage was in shambles, according to Mase. The couple has been separated since 2012. Mason Betha filed for divorce in January of this year, according to Eurweb.

The preaching rapper came under fire himself in 2009, after he was accused by a former associate of being a "false prophet" and using the church to fund his music career, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Mase is the pastor at the El Elyon International Church, an Atlanta based church. Members of the congregation are growing tired of them both, feeling the couple doesn't practice what they preach.

The former secular rapper retired in 1999 to start his ministry and married Twyla McInnis in the early 2000's.