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Maryville restaurant goes gun-friendly, business booms

Ruger SR40C
Ruger SR40C
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Shiloh Brew and Chew Family Restaurant, at 1805 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy in Maryville, recently changed its business model, and has had a tremendous growth in business since.

Owner Charma Floyd related the story Monday night to the August meeting of the Farragut Gun Club (FGC). She told the gathering how she went from being ready to shut down due to a lack of business, to an increase of 500%, in less than a month.

HERE (Youtube video) is Floyd's personal twenty-three minute report to FGC. Please take the time to view it.

Floyd had lost a job, and decided to pursue her version of the American Dream. She opened the restaurant in a building that had once been a bar. A friend told her that a Harley group would not come because of her No Guns sign. Well, she did not have a No Guns sign, and she took the friend around her building and showed him there were no such signs. Floyd also learned of a restaurant in North Carolina that had a No Guns sign posted that had been robbed. That got her to thinking. She decided to do just the opposite. She hand created a Guns are Welcome sign and posted it . WBIR TV of Knoxville did a story, followed by Fox News, and she has had countless interviews since.

A check at TripAdvisor revealed a 4.5/5 rating average from 95 visitors. Their onion rings keep being mentioned. I'll get there soon.


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