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Marysville Couple, Chris and Kristi Jewell share on 'Now Faith'

Chris and Kristi Jewell
Chris and Kristi Jewell

Youth Leaders, Kristi and Chris Jewell share a message on ‘Now Faith’ to the audience at Marysville Aglow, Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 7 pm.

"More than likely I will be speaking along the lines of “Now Faith” because God's really been pouring that on me lately about not having past faith or future faith, but now faith.” Many miss the power of God in the present by letting the past hold them back or letting anxieties about the future keep them paralyzed. The power is in the now. “In this season, He’s just preparing us for the roads ahead-the past is the past; we’re looking towards the future at this point,” Chris states.

Both minister at Marysville Free Baptist Church, leading the youth, bible studies, Wednesday evening services for the youth, and a monthly nursing home ministry. Both Chris and Kristi feel they are called to the ministry of Helps within the church. "I really feel the Lord has called myself and my wife to be the left-hand of the ministry leaders. We are just able to do the background work and be able to help in any way, shape or form for the leadership of the church. I felt that calling really strongly for the last couple of years,” Chris states.

Chris and Kristi began ministry at Running for My Life Ministries, Church After Church Ministries, in Marysville. Besides assisting pastors Keith and Theresa Roshon with various Helps ministries, Chris had opportunities to preach. Prophetess Adele Gray spoke over the couple one Sunday at this ministry. “That day, Prophetess Adele came and prophesied over us and told us to quit trying to blend in, quit trying to be normal people, because you’re not! God calls you out everywhere you go,” Chris shares. The two felt in their spirits that that Word was ‘spot on.’ “The only thing that had been foretold that hadn't yet been realized was that my wife and I would speak somewhere together, and that is being fulfilled on the twentieth at Aglow. “

Kristi also runs a women’s ministry still in the making for women. It started as a ministry for spiritual mentoring for abused women, but God has expanded Kristi’s vision for this ministry to include different groups of women in crisis.

“When I started the group I thought that God was calling me to start it for a bunch of women. Come to find out he actually wanted me to start it for my daughter. We have a situation and I've been led to help her and start this group to help her. Along the way I have ran into people/women just in general conversation and been able to help them with different circumstances, leading them toward help with financial situations for example, when they’re struggling, going through divorce, single moms and also ministering to them, praying for them and with them,” Kristi states. Information about Kristi’s ministry, a nonprofit organization called Beautiful Beginnings can be found on Facebook at

The Jewell's live in Marysville, Ohio with their four children Chase, Kaylee, Caleb and Kaden. "We’re not flamboyant people; we're just everyday regular people. We do our best and thank God every time we get a chance and will witness for God every minute that we get." At work, Chris shares his faith with those in need.

"I’m working with a young man right now that claims that he’s an atheist. At one time he was a believer, a follower, but he couldn't get past the hang-ups of religion and denominational separation. Every day I work a little bit more, a little bit more. The other day he asked me to pray for him, because he didn't think God was listening to him. I got to take a moment to minister the word to him about that. I’m an atheist and he’ll just come out and say that, but a week later he says I don’t think the man upstairs listens to me anymore. So any moment I can, I will witness for the Lord! I am very grateful to be a servant of the Lord and to just be a humble person and to succeed in life by just doing the Lord’s will. And I’m just grateful for that. I really am," Chris shares.

Join Chris and Kristi at Marysville Aglow this coming Thursday, March 20, 2014, 7 PM at Running for My Life Ministries, 122 N. Court St., Marysville, OH. Aglow in a trans-denominational organization. All are welcome. The Jewell's hearts burns to reach young adults as well as youth, and others who feel that salvation is beyond their reach. They strive to expose the lies of the enemy.

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