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Maryland Zoo reopening is delayed

Maryland teachers and administrators who are planning a field trip to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore will want to make sure the zoo is actually open before heading out. According to the zoo, the original reopening date of March 1st has been delayed for at least two weeks by the severe damage sustained during the back to back February snow storms.

The zoo has reached out to area news teams to be sure the community is aware of the damage and the delay in reopening the attraction to the public. Several news teams will be running reports tonight, February 18, 2010, to let the public know what is going on.

The zoo hopes to be able to open halfway through March as planned, but warns that any further snow events will cause a longer delay. Fortunately, although the damage was extensive enough to keep the zoo from opening on time and to allow one owl to escape the exhibit, the animals are all safe. They will be ready to greet all the Maryland school children when the zoo is repaired and open for business.

For more information:

Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

1876 Mansion House Drive

Baltimore, Maryland  21217

Phone: 410-396-7102


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